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Why Menopause Matters

Put Menopause on your Business Agenda

Globally, menopause is being recognised as an important gender and age equality issue.

Every working woman will go through menopause at some point in some way.

With the ageing population and the need for workplaces to be supportive and inclusive, now is the time to put menopause on your agenda.

of Kiwi Women

say menopause negatively impacted their work

1 in 6

NZ women considered leaving their job because of their symptoms

1 in 12

women actually did

Source: Menodoctor Survey NZ 2023

Get the full Menodoctor Survey NZ report:

Watch the TVNZ Breakfast Interview on the Menodoctor Survey NZ

Women are Good for Business

Menopause often comes along when women are skilled, competent and experienced in their professions.

A survey by the NZ Institute of Economic Research of 500 Kiwi-based employers found that:

said women aged 45-55 made a very important or critical contribution to their workplace

have women aged 45 or older in senior or managerial roles

SOURCE: NZIER Menopause Report 2023

Attracting and retaining women leaders is good for your bottom line

Research has shown that firms with more female leaders

...make more money

Without the right support, the symptoms of menopause can lead to

Less work productivity

Higher levels of absenteeism / sick leave

Loss of employment


Globally, a report from Bloomberg stated that menopause-related productivity losses may top $150 billion a year

Partner with Menodoctor@Work to:

Demonstrate your commitment to caring for all staff
Foster an open and inclusive workplace
Attract and retain strong female talent
Promote DE&I targets
Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
Reduce psychosocial risk/harm
Reduce recruitment costs
Reduce the risk of employee relations issues