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Manager Training

Leading the Menopause Conversation

Managers and people leaders are often a woman’s first point of call in asking for help.

But how knowledgeable and confident are your managers when it comes to menopause?

of Kiwi employers were not aware that menopause symptoms can cause women to consider reducing their hours or quitting their jobs.

SOURCE: NZIER Menopause Report 2023

Bosses don’t need to become menopause experts

They just need some straight-forward information and tools so they can become comfortable and competent in supporting women through menopause

The Menodoctor@Work Manager training services will empower your people leaders to:

• Foster an inclusive work environment in which menopause is discussed without stigma.

• Gain knowledge about menopause and its impact on work

• Increase confidence in talking about menopause with staff members

• Identify simple adjustments to better support staff during this life-phase

Menopause Made Simple

Through training talks and online courses, we can equip your managers with the skills they need to lead a diverse, inclusive and thriving team

Manager Talks

Virtual or In Person

Manager Courses

Online Modules

Topics in our Manager Training include...

The definition of menopause

• How menopause symptoms can impact women at work

• How to discuss menopause – the do’s and don’t’s

• Practical ways to support your staff through this life phase

• Guidance on Menopause policies

• Advice on the legal framework around Menopause at work