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Awareness Talks

Out of the Doctor's Office and into Yours

Menopause has long been a taboo and poorly understood topic – and this is especially true in the workplace. Most people don’t know enough about menopause and they often don’t feel able to ask for help.

of Kiwi women told their employers that menopause was the reason they were having problems in work

SOURCE: Menodoctor NZ Menopause Survey

“Menopause was never discussed, never on the table. Why would the employer care?”

SOURCE: Menodoctor NZ Menopause Survey Respondent

This silence and stigma may be one of the key reasons driving some women to quit

The NZIER survey of over 1,000 Kiwi working women found that women who left their jobs were more likely to...

...say they had never discussed menopause at work

...feel embarrassed or ashamed of their symptoms and feel they needed to hide them

Time to Get Everyone Talking

Step one for any organisation wanting to support their staff through menopause is to start the conversation
This is where Menodoctor@Work Talks come in

Bring in the Expert

The best way to break down the stigma and dispel all the menopause myths and misconceptions, is to get the expert facts.

Dr Linda Dear’s Menopause Awareness talks are for everyone. They will provide your whole team, from the C-suite to new recruits with a frank and informative talk on all things menopause.

Talks can be delivered in-person or online and consist of a presentation followed by Q&A.

Topics covered in the Menopause Awareness talk include:

• The definition of menopause

• The symptoms of menopause

• Hormones and how they affect us

• Lifestyle changes that can help

• The facts about HRT