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Article: Menodoctor Survey: Change Starts Here

Menodoctor Survey: Change Starts Here

There’s a good chance that Menopause may well be causing problems for you and your workforce—you just don’t know it yet.

SOURCE: Menodoctor Survey NZ 2023 


The taboo around menopause means it’s impact is still largely hidden – particularly in the workplace.

And if you don’t know what’s causing your employees to have problems at work – then how can you do anything to help support them?

This is where the Menodoctor Survey comes in.



You may already do staff surveys or wellness check-ins – but do you ask specifically about the impact of menopause?

The stigma around this life phase means many women feel too uncomfortable to talk openly about their concerns.

 SOURCE: NZIER Survey 2023


By offering your employees a survey, you give them a confidential and convenient way to share their menopause views and experiences. It also demonstrates that you care about their needs and want to find ways to better support them.

As leading experts in menopause care and the creators of New Zealand’s largest national survey on menopause, Menodoctor@Work can help you create your very own menopause survey.

Tailored specifically to the needs of your business, we can create a bespoke online menopause survey for all your staff.



The Menodoctor Survey is not just designed for people personally affected by menopause – it is designed for all employees, including a specific section for managers and people leaders.

That way, you can pulse-check the current level of awareness around menopause and the readiness for change at all levels of your organisation.



You will discover where your workplace is currently at in terms of supporting your menopausal women.

Here are some of the areas covered in the survey:

  1. In what ways are menopause symptoms impacting your employees at work?
  2. Do they feel comfortable talking to their managers about it?
  3. What kind of supports or adjustments would your employees find most helpful?
  4. How confident are your managers when it comes to supporting their staff through menopause?



Following the survey, we produce a detailed report to provide valuable insights into how much menopause may be affecting your workforce and what kinds of changes your people want. 

The report will help you demonstrate the need for menopause support to your executive teams. It will also help you create your own personalised Menopause Action Plan based on the individual needs of your people and your business as a whole. 


To find out more about our Menodoctor Survey and get your Menopause Mahi started – reach out to us HERE today.

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